Home Ventilation Servicing
and Filter Sales

Maintaining clean air and ventilation in your home for you and your family and reducing condensation on your windows in winter.

This service involves the supply and installation of replacement filters for common Home Ventilation Systems including but not limited to HRV, SMARTVENT, DVS, SAYR, MOISTURE MASTER and AMS. Can source others on request. Also includes the resetting of the control timer and testing of ducting, fans and air flow.

HRV Compatible filters available for sale.

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  • Triple layered filter media, ultrasonically welded together to create a strong compound
  • The first layer catches the larger particles
  • The second layer catches much finer sized particles. The outer layer is the protective layer. This design ensures the filter is highly effective and its integrity will not be found wanting before its serviceable life is up
  • Not only do the materials have three-dimensional net structure, but also forms rough,
  • fine filter layers and intensive layer and embodies the integral advantages of multi stratification and ascending filtration requirements
  • 24 Month Service Life


  • Nontoxic, odorless, disposable
  • Quality filter structure stretching the lifetime of the filter
  • Small resistance, high efficiency
  • Uniform appearance and colours

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