Servicing and Maintenance

Regular servicing can help increase lifespan of unit, lower your electricity bills and prevent damage resulting in repairs.

Also provides a higher quality of air and efficiency from the heat pump.

We also provide a full breakdown and repair service for many brands of heatpump.

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Home Ventilation Servicing

Heatpump Clean and Service

Maintaining your equipment to a clean and safe standard.

A full and comprehensive strip and clean of your unit, a safety check on your system electrics and wiring and finished with a performance report and professional advice on how best to run your equipment for efficiency and comfort.

Comprehensive Heat Pump Service includes:

  • Filters and Covers Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Indoor and Outdoor Coils and Fins Cleaned
  • Indoor Coils and Fins Sanitised
  • Fans Checked and Cleaned
    (Indoor and Outdoor if necessary)
  • Drains Vacuumed Out and Tested
  • Safety Check on Electrical Terminals
  • Mountings and Insulation Inspected
  • Temperature Check of Air
  • Advise on Controls
Servicing and Maintenance

Commercial Planned Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance plans for commercial buildings (schools, offices, hotels etc).

To maintain to a high level of cleanliness and safety, the Air Conditioning and Ventilation (fresh air and extract air) of commercial buildings.

We already look after many local business’, schools, factory’s etc but are always looking to expand our planned maintenance portfolio.

We offer to do a free audit of your commercial premises and current maintenance companies performance and see if we can improve on it.

We can do quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly maintenance plans and also carry out IQP inspections for your buildings warrant of fitness.

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