Will fit all models
Dimensions: 300mm x 295mm x 100mm
Efficiency: F8
Filter Class: EN779
Cardboard Framed with F8 filter media, deep pleated

Designed for plastic HRV boxes but fits nicely into steel boxes also, but requires sealing around edges with tape, supplied.
  • Triple layered filter media, ultrasonically welded together to create a strong compound
  • The first layer catches the larger particles
  • The second layer catches much finer sized particles
  • The outer layer is the protective layer
  • This design ensures the filter is highly effective and its integrity will not be found wanting before its serviceable life is up
  • Not only do the materials have three-dimensional net structure, but also forms rough, fine filter layers and intensive layer and embodies the integral advantages of multistratification and ascending filtration requirements
  • 24 Month Service Life
  • Nontoxic, odorless, disposable
  • Quality filter structure  stretching the lifetime of the filter
  • Small resistance, high efficiency
  • Uniform appearance and colours